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Why Use A Talent Agency

by Vickie Preston

Often you hear musicians and DJ's boast that they are not available through any agency. They imply that you are somehow making a mistake if you choose to use a talent agency to help you find music for your wedding ceremony or reception. When pressed they will simply tell you that if you go through a talent agency, you are paying a "middle man" who provides no real value. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, many of these bands and DJ's are Independent (the term used for non-agency acts) because they have been turned down for representation by some of the more reputable agencies in the area, either for performance or reliability reasons.

A reputable talent agency which is licensed and regulated in the state of Maryland by the Division of Labor and Industry must be very careful in selecting acts to represent to its clients. While it is true that you may be able to find some quality entertainment by going the route of the independent performer, most of the top talent chooses to be represented by an expert talent agent. Below are just a few of the reasons why you should choose to use a talent agency to help you in your search for your wedding entertainment.


A good experienced agent knows bands. The best agents know who the band's members are, their capabilities and how well the leader works with the client. The agent is familiar with the band's repertoire, and knows whether the group relies on sequenced (computerized or taped) or all-live music while performing.


Agencies write hundreds of contracts a year and carry a lot of clout with independent acts, as well as other agencies' acts. As a one-time buyer, some independent acts may not be as open and forthright with you as they would be with an agency that books them twenty or more times a year.


An agency will get you the best price. All reputable independent entertainers and agencies offer their bands at the same price. Agencies do not add a commission to a band's price, but rather the bands offer themselves at a lower net price to the agency to compensate for their marketing, sales and promotion expenses. So, a $4,000 band is that price whether you contact them directly or through a cooperating agency.


With a state licensed agency you, the buyer, are protected as your deposit for the entertainment is held in escrow until after the band or DJ's performance. Your protection is the aim of the agent.


An agency can streamline the process and save you time. Instead of making numerous calls on your own and following up you have only one point of contact. You receive all information on options for your ceremony, cocktails and reception from one source.

When considering entertainment for a wedding or reception, an agent will evaluate the couple's budget, taste in music, venue, and the number of guests when recommending entertainment. By selecting a state-licensed agency, you will receive topnotch, professional service without paying any additional costs. It's a win-win.

Vickie Preston, Account Executive
Entertainment Exhange


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